January 2022

Do not be simple-minded

Simple-minded (Renew Your Mind And Overcome Simple-mindedness)

A simple mind is a gullible mind. People who are simple-minded are easily deceived, manipulated, and taken advantage of. When we are simple-minded, we tend to believe everything people tell us; this shows that we are not discerning. It is very risky to be simple-minded because not only does one make many mistakes while on

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God is your reward

God Is Your Reward

There are many people who will never do something for you or give you something unless they will benefit in return. Very few people will offer something to another person out of pure generosity. It is very rare to find someone who just wants to bless another person without expecting compensation of some kind or

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Flee from sin

Flee From Sin

We live in a world that exalts people-pleasing rather than living a life pleasing to God. It seems like most people are looking for attention and acceptance, and in the process, they end up compromising and doing and saying things that God has forbidden in His Word. It is a world full of cunning deceitful

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