September 2021

The trap of vain glory

Vain Glory

We live in a world of vain glory, where people praise themselves instead of praising God, where people are showing off, where people want to be recognized, where people do and say things to be liked, where people bring each other down so as to feel good about themselves. People want to be noticed, they …

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Words are seeds

Words Are Seeds

Words are seeds; they have power, power to build or to destroy. They can be words from ourselves to ourselves, from ourselves to others, from others to us, from others to themselves or to other people. When words are spoken, they settle in a person’s soul. Some words we remember for years to come. Without …

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Overcoming offense

Overcoming Offense

Most of the time, a day does not pass by without us getting offended. We are usually on the offense most times; offended because a person said something, offended because of how they said it, offended because of what someone did, offended because of the weather, offended because of how someone treated us, offended because …

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Jesus is enough

Jesus Is Enough

Jesus is enough. Most of us spend our lives feeling not enough; not beautiful enough, not smart enough, not talkative enough, not quiet enough, not wife enough, not husband enough, not a good enough person, not good enough to be someone’s friend, not good enough to work in a certain job, not enough for our …

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