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Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You are stuck in a negative life cycle.
  • There is someone who hurt you and left a great wound in your heart.
  • Life has not turned out the way that you expected it to. You had high hopes but now it has reached a point where you are just getting by in life, as if on autopilot.
  • You have had many negative experiences in life, and now you are asking if this is all there is to life.
  • There is someone who you trusted but that person betrayed you, and now you have a hard time trusting anyone. You feel discouraged and do not know what to do next.

i understand what you are going through, i really do

  • You are experiencing inner turmoil and feel confused, and wonder why certain things keep recurring in your life.
  • You are stuck in unforgiveness and find it hard to forgive people who have hurt you deeply.
  • You feel ashamed because of what you have allowed people to do to you or because of what you have done.
  • You regret the decisions that you have made in the past and you are stuck in a cycle of self-condemnation. You are now feeling bitter and angry at yourself, at other people, and at life in general.
  • The high level of negativity in your life is affecting your health, it is destroying your relationship with people close to you who you care about and who care for you, and you are living an unproductive life.

i get you

  • You have tried many things to get out of your current situation. You have listened to many teachings and messages, you have watched many videos, you have read many books, and you have listened to the advice of many people; however, you are still stuck.
  • You try to move forward but find yourself stagnant or even moving backwards.
  • You feel like you are going round and round the same mountain over and over again, and you are not making any purposeful steps forward, and because of that, you fear that you will not be able to achieve anything meaningful in life.

i understand how it feels to be in such a frustrating situation

Here's good news...
You do not need to be stuck. You can actually rise above what is weighing you down and get to experience true freedom, healing, restoration, and rest that is only found in Jesus Christ, and get to live a life that honors and glorifies God

Jesus said in Matthew 11:28-30, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

Broken To Healed Coaching Package

For the woman who has a traumatic and painful past who is ready to let go of what has been keeping you stuck or weighing you down so you can finally be healed, restored, and made whole in Christ Jesus.

Christian Life Coach for Women

Waiting Well Coaching Package

For the single woman who is believing in God for a husband and is committed to living for God, serving Him faithfully, and waiting upon the Lord during your single season so you can honor God in every area of your life, including the area of relationships.

Christian Life Coach for Women

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