God's timing is the best

God’s Timing Is The Best – Learning To Wait Patiently Upon The Lord


Always remember that God’s timing is the best. We live in a world where man has come up with all sorts of ‘rules’ about when certain things in our lives should happen. Wherever we turn in the world, we are told that we should be married by a certain age, we are told that we should have children by a certain time, we are told that we should have a home by a certain time, we are told we should be at a certain point in our careers by this and that time, we are told that we have to be out of school by a certain time, we are told that if we do not do this and that by such and such a time, then we will never be able to do it.

The world tells us that we are late when certain things in our lives do not happen within the man-defined timeframe.

We are bombarded with worldly man-made expectations all our lives. Many times we end up succumbing to those expectations, we end up giving in to such demands and expectations. We live in a world where people like pleasing other people, it is a world where people want to just fit in, and most end up doing things that are not good for them and that are outside God’s timing and outside God’s will, just to fit into the society.

Many people do not count the cost of doing things their own way without involving God. Many people do not realize that when they disregard God’s will and God’s timing for their lives, there is a cost to pay.

This world has nothing to offer us, only God makes life worth living, and if there is anything or anyone in your life that is not God’s will for you, then it is time to let that thing or that person go. Anything and anyone outside God’s will is never worth it. If you insist on your own way then be prepared to reap the fruits thereof, be ready for pain.

What if you end up marrying that person who you know is not good for you just because you think that your years are far advancing and because of societal pressure, and then that person ends up being unfaithful, committing adultery, and infecting you with diseases and illnesses; what if that partner you choose without God turns out abusive in every kind of way –  whether verbally, sexually, emotionally, financially, psychologically, physically, and ends up ruining your life; what if one day that person you insist on marrying hits you and ends your life; what cost are you really willing to pay?

What if you marry outside God’s will and that person that you marry is jealous of you and tries to block your progression in life and ends up altering your destiny for the worst; what if you choose to disobey God and do that thing or go to that place or take that job and in the end, your path in life is altered completely in the wrong direction? What if you choosing a certain path in life leads you to eternity in hell? Is it really worth it?

God’s timing is always the best timing, and God’s will is always the perfect will. We should not live according to societal expectations, we are to live according to the Word of God.

God does not work according to man-made timing, He works in His own timing, and He accomplishes His will at just the right time. We have to learn to stop listening to all the noise in our surroundings, and tune in to what God has planned for our lives. What God has for us may be different from what He has for another person, and just because someone else attained a certain thing in life earlier than us does not make us late, as long as we are within the will of God then we are okay.

With God, we are never late, we are just waiting for God’s best and God’s timing for our lives.

We have to learn to patiently wait on God and not run ahead of Him, we do not know better than God, and when we make choices without involving Him, we end up making the wrong choices that are never worth it.

It is time to stop listening to people telling you that you should be in a certain place in life by such a time, and begin to completely surrender to the will of God. It is time to stop listening to people telling you that you have to settle and accept lesser than because ‘there is nothing else or no one else better out there’. Do not be deceived. God will bless you with His best when you wait upon Him.

Never compromise on the Word of God for anything or anyone in this world; if someone wants you to compromise, then they should not be in your life. God is more important than anything or anyone in this world.

God has His set time. He sent His Son Jesus Christ at just the right time into this world to redeem us. When we are in Christ Jesus, we are set free, we are no longer slaves to this world, we live by the Word of God. As children of God, the world does not define what is good for us or by when things in our lives should occur, God does, and as long as we are surrendered to God and we are living a life of obedience to Him, then what the world says is of no significance.

Never allow anyone to discourage you or tell you that you are late in life, continue to trust in God and He will align things and circumstances in your life into His perfect design that He intended for you.

Do not miss God’s will for your life because of impatience and disobedience, do not open a doorway for the enemy to derail your life in the wrong direction; the enemy wants to distract us until we miss God’s plan for our lives. Do not cooperate with satan, he hates you and he gets pleasure from stealing from you, trying to kill you and destroy you. Never forget that God has good plans for you, rest in the able hands of our loving heavenly Father, and witness His wonderful plans for your life unfold. God is a good good God.

The Bible tells us not to worry about anything but instead to pray about everything.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7.

Tell God your heart’s desires, and then rest in Him. Live a life of obedience to God, stop worrying about what people are telling you, and listen to God, because in the end, only the Word of God matters. God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us. Trust in God. Rest in God. He is a good Father who cares for His children.


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God's timing is perfect
God’s timing is perfect

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