Guard your heart with all diligence

Guard Your Heart With All Diligence


The Bible says, guard your heart with all diligence because out of it flows the issues of life. Too many times we tend to be careless and allow our hearts to be swayed around, up and down, left, right, and center. We allow people to get too close to us without first trying to discern their true intentions.

When we are simple-minded, we think that all people around us have good intentions, and because of that, we do not do due diligence to be sure that we are doing the right thing and to be sure that those people are really who they say they are.

Too many times we move too fast and make important decisions without a second thought.

We like having what we want when we want it, and if something or someone shows up that seems to be close to what we wanted, then we jump in quick. Many people live their lives seeking external things and people of the world to fulfill them.

Many people have deep voids in their hearts and normally they do not know who to run to to fill those voids. When a person is in such a state where they are still trying to figure out what is important in this life, it is so easy for them to be deceived. Guard your heart with all diligence.

In our society today, we see how fast people jump into and move out of relationships. It is possible for a person to meet somebody one day and then fornicate with them the next day. Today it seems like people are driven by lust, and most of the relationships seem to be very superficial without any substance. People meet within a short period and then start doing too much for the other person, a stranger who they have not taken time to get to know on a deeper level. Be different and guard your heart with all diligence.

Many times we are deceived that the body is what makes a person, so if someone seems appealing and ‘nice’ externally, then we assume that the person must be a good person.

We forget that the body is just like a shell, it is a covering housing the soul and the spirit of a person. Soon we start moving on overdrive and make rush decisions, some of which affect us for the rest of our lives. People meet a stranger one moment, and then the next moment they are oversharing details of their lives with a stranger who they mistaken for a friend. People tell strangers intimate details of their lives, and sadly, such strangers who we at times erroneously think we are in a relationship with have turned around and betrayed the partner they were with.

We overshare and overdo things in an effort to impress people we barely know.

We find people who start entertaining sinful relationships, then soon we hear there is a pregnancy that occurred, and then soon the two people are living together, many without even getting married. Many people meet someone and then soon after that they start making major changes in their lives, which would affect them greatly if such a relationship ends up failing.

Many people have left their families, disagreed with their parents, and ruined the relationships they had with their close family members all because they met someone who they say that they really like. People relocate to far places to be with someone they barely know.

Too many times we depend on lip service of what that other person is telling us, we usually do not take the time to examine the kind of fruits that person is showing, though sometimes, even if we notice that the fruit they are manifesting is not good, we just ignore it because of how impatient and at times how desperate we are.

Too many people cannot face the idea of being single, too many people have not learned to find their identity in Christ Jesus alone, and because of that, when someone comes along who seems to satisfy the cravings of their hearts, they are easily carried away. Guard your heart with all diligence!

There are other people who are driven by the love of money, by the desire to acquire material wealth and to be seen as successful in society, others are driven by the desire for fame, acceptance, validation, and human praise. When such a person who is being driven by all these earthly desires comes across a person who promises to fulfill what they desire, then usually such a person is easily carried away.

If a person has a love for money, then they will easily follow someone who promises to show them a way of making money fast, they can be easily deceived and fall into traps set up for them; they are easy targets for con artists. If a person is driven by the desire for fame, then they will easily give in and compromise if they find a way that can lead them into fulfilling their desires. Too many people have been led away by the lust of their flesh. Do not be led astray; guard your heart with all diligence.

The Bible tells us that where our treasure is that is where our hearts will also be. We have to pray and ask for God’s power to die to the flesh and all its desires and to start seeking God above all else and invest our all in the Kingdom of God, because our investment in the Kingdom is the only lasting treasure.

Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:19-21.

We have to watch out and guard our hearts. We should not be quick to open our hearts to every person we encounter in life. There are too many ill-willed people in this world, we cannot afford to allow other people to enter and leave our lives as they wish. We cannot afford to allow other people to practice their evil desires with our hearts, we cannot afford to slumber. 

There are people out there who prey on the vulnerable; they are usually watching out for the best time to strike.

We should never depend on human beings to fulfill the voids within us that only God can fill; depending on and trusting upon people makes us vulnerable and also goes against the Word of God. If our hearts are craving for acceptance and validation from other people, then we are opening up our lives as easy targets for people who are out to use and discard us, or people who just want to be part of our lives for selfish reasons and when done with us, they walk away.

We have to reach a point in our lives where we have a personal relationship with God and whereby our worth and value is firmly rooted in Christ Jesus alone, such that even if someone comes and promises the world to us, we would not budge. We cannot afford to be careless with our hearts. Guard your heart with all diligence.

The devil is out there roaming around looking for people to devour. We have to be firmly rooted in Christ Jesus because He is our source of everything. We should never allow anyone, no matter how good-looking or wealthy or influential or powerful or famous they are, to sway our hearts from following Christ. We should be careful not to allow our hearts to be swayed away and around by every passing wind.

Jesus Christ is enough, there is nothing in this world that is worth losing eternal life that is promised to us in Christ Jesus.

Guard your heart with all diligence. Know the Word of God and be a doer of the Word. Do not be deceived by a person’s charm, honey-coated words, wealth, power, fame, external beauty, or carefully crafted actions; always be led by the Spirit of God.

If the person you are interacting with is not manifesting the fruit of the Spirit, then no matter how much appeal they have, you should not be with them. Yes, share the gospel but at the same time be on the lookout because the enemy is very cunning.

Do not be quick to tell everyone everything; there are too many people who will use that same information you give them against you.

Pray always and avoid making rush decisions. Never be part of getting someone or something in sin; if they or it involves compromising and sinning, then it is not of God. God will not give us somebody or something that will require us to sin to get it, never. Let us learn to slow down and wait patiently for God; His timing is always perfect.

It is better to suffer in this life than to miss out on eternal life.

Do not be careless with your heart because there are too many people who, when they see an opening, will come in, trample on your heart, and leave you extremely heartbroken. Many people, as long as they get their selfish desires fulfilled, will not care about the pain they leave you with, they will walk away as if nothing happened.

Stop relying on people and place your trust in God. When you live for God, He will never disappoint you. Give your heart fully to Christ Jesus, surrender your life to Him, and in Him, you will get all you ever wanted, He will fill up those voids that no human being can ever fill. Jesus is enough.


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Guard your heart with all diligence
Guard your heart with all diligence

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