Broken To Healed

Transition From Broken To Healed


  • Truly forgiving and letting go from your heart everyone who has ever hurt you.
  • Being free from all the heartache and pain.
  • No longer experiencing shame or regret from what you have encountered in life, or from what people have said or done against you.
  • No longer being paralyzed by worry or fear.
  • Stopping being a people-pleaser and relying no more on people’s praise or validation.
  • Being delivered completely from the spirit of rejection.
  • Overcoming anger and frustration.
  • Letting go completely of bitterness.

These and much more is what you will achieve when we work together.

Here's Why My Approach Is Different And Much Better

  1. I am a good listener, and I understand the importance of having someone who will listen keenly to understand where you are coming from.
  2.  I have been where you are, and I know how important it is to do the difficult work towards growing into a better person. I also know how peaceful and joyful it is to live a life of full surrender to God.
  3. I will tell you the truth in love, even if the truth is unpleasant to hear. You do not need someone who agrees with everything you say (even if you are in error); what you need is someone who is not afraid to speak the truth. Do not be offended when truth is spoken. It is the truth that will set you free.
  4. I use Biblical principles and will help you to be grounded in the Word of God. God’s Word is the standard.

Here Are The 3 Steps To Your Transformation

  1. Acknowledge that there is an area you are struggling with and that you need help.

You have to reach a point where you acknowledge to yourself and to God that there are life burdens weighing you down and that you need to be set free.

  1. Let go.

Stop trying to control people or circumstances. It is fear that makes you attempt to try to control situations to turn out the way you want.

Instead of wanting things to go your way, let your desire be for God’s will to be done in your life. God is the One in control.

  1. Surrender your life to God.

The only path to peace, joy, and true contentment (regardless of your circumstances) is surrendering your life to Jesus Christ.

God knows what is best for you and He is trustworthy and faithful. When you surrender, you stop walking by sight and start walking by faith in Jesus Christ. Faith pleases God.


Broken To Healed

A 3-month coaching package designed to help you rise above the storms of life and find rest for your soul in Christ Jesus.

Here's what you'll get...

  • Weekly 60-minutes calls.
  • Action plan created during each session.
  • Recap of previous session.
  • Unlimited email support.

Here's how we'll do it...

  1. We will discuss your life story, what you have been struggling with, and your current situation.
  2. We will discuss why things are the way they are, how your current situation is affecting you, the fears that are paralyzing you, and what is hindering you from rising above and overcoming what you are facing.
  3. We will then come up with a way to help you break free and finally get to the point that you want to be, and become the woman that God desires you to be.
  4. Ask as many questions as possible and have an open mind. Do not get offended by the truth. Be ready to do the work that it takes to actually rise above and get to that point where you soar high on wings like eagles, by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  5. I will encourage, support, inspire, and challenge you to rise above and overcome whatever circumstances are weighing you down and blossom into a godly woman for the honor and glory of God. I will be there for you, walk with you, hold your hand, and offer you Biblical advice. Everything is centered around the Word of God.
  6. This is not therapy; it is coaching.

If you are a Christian woman who is struggling with deep hurts and wounds in your heart, and you have reached a point where you want to heal, forgive, let go of the past, move forward, and embrace what God has in store for you, then let’s work together. Experience the joy and peace that comes when you surrender all to God.

Here's How Your Life Will Change After Working With Me...

  • You will be set free from the chains of unforgiveness and desire for vengeance, regret, shame, frustration, anger and hatred, rejection, worry and fear, people-pleasing and comparison trap, by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • You will get to know your identity in God.
  • You will learn to let go and surrender your life to Jesus Christ and understand the importance of obeying God in everything.
  • You will live a purposeful life for the honor and glory of God.
  • You will learn to be content regardless of your circumstances and finally get to enjoy the peace and joy that comes from God.  
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Learn how to forgive people who have hurt you.