Waiting Well

Those Who Wait Upon The Lord Will Never Be Put To Shame

Does This Ring Any Bells For You?

  • You have been in prior relationships but they have all failed.
  • You give everything towards making relationships work yet they eventually come to an end.
  • You have been single for a long time and you seem to have started wondering if a godly marriage will ever be a reality in your life.
  • You have been waiting for a spouse and it has reached a point where you seem to be getting tired of waiting.
  • It seems like every other lady around you is in a relationship or is married and you start wondering when your time will come. You even wonder if something is wrong with you.
  • Waiting for a godly spouse in God’s timing seems to be very hard and you wonder if you will be able to do things God’s way.
  • You even ask yourself, “What does doing things God’s way really mean?”
  • You sometimes wonder, “Is waiting patiently upon the Lord possible?”

I hear you

You know you desire marriage, but not just any marriage. You want to go through the process in a God-honoring way, remain pure, and be married to a godly Spirit-filled man of God, and build a godly family.

You want to break the negative cycles that have been recurring in your life. You do not want to get into one failed relationship after another.

You want to honor God in every area of your life, including in the area of relationships.


The thing is, living a God-honoring life in full surrender to Jesus Christ is possible by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33.

Many women struggle with singleness. 

Sadly many have made marriage an idol.

God Cannot Bless You With An Idol!

I will help you re-prioritize your life. We will work on those areas that make you idolize marriage.

Heal your emotional wounds. 

Let go of all the pain and hurt, regret and shame for past mistakes, anger, unforgiveness, and bitterness.


Here's What I Know

Regardless of what you experienced growing up, what you have encountered until now, or what people have said or done against you, in Christ Jesus, it is possible to be healed, restored, and made whole.

What Is Holding You Back From Becoming The Woman That God Desires You To Be?

You are afraid that if you let go and surrender to God, you will not get what you want.

Out of fear, you start trying to control people or circumstances. However, the more you try to be in control, the more things get out of control.

Consequently, you lack inner peace that is very important. You miss the mark. The quiet gentle spirit that is extremely beautiful eludes you.


Here's Good News... The antidote to fear is faith in Jesus Christ. Start walking by faith, not by sight. Stop holding on to what you thought you wanted or how you wanted your life to turn out. Let go and surrender to God. A life of full surrender to Jesus Christ is the only path to peace, joy, and eventually to eternal life. God knows what is best for you. Let go of the wheel and let God lead you. He is a good Father and He knows how to give good gifts to His children, including giving you a good husband.

Does this resonate with you? If so, I invite you to join the Waiting Well Coaching Program.

Waiting Well

A 3-month coaching package that empowers Christian women who are believing in God for a spouse to use their single season wisely by putting God first and investing in the Kingdom of God.

Be transformed into a godly Proverbs 31 kind of woman, even during your single season.

Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies. The heart of her husband safely trusts her; so he will have no lack of gain. Proverbs 31:10-11.

What does Waiting Well include?

  • Weekly 60-minutes calls
  • Action plan created during each session
  • Recap of the previous session
  • Unlimited email support

Here's How Your Life Will Be Transformed After Working With Me

  • You will learn to embrace your personal journey and stop comparing yourself with other people.
  • You will get to know who you are in God.
  • You will learn to be content in Christ in your singleness and start waiting patiently upon the Lord – for His will, His way, and His perfect timing.
  • You will learn to stop seeking relationships as a way to fill voids in your heart and start relying on God to satisfy the deep desires of your heart.
  • You will learn to stop idolizing relationships/marriage and start seeking God first above all else.

Learn to be content regardless of your circumstances and give thanks in everything.

Let Us Work Together For As Iron Sharpens Iron, So One Person Sharpens Another.