God is our shelter in the storm

God Is Our Shelter During Life’s Storms


God is our shelter during life’s storms. In life, we will face storms but we have the assurance of shelter in God. The presence of God during moments of life’s turmoils gives us hope and the courage to endure. When everything is raging on the outside, when inside we are falling apart, when everyone seems to be against us; may we never forget that God’s got us. His hands are on us always, He is holding us by the hand, He is directing us in the right path, He is removing obstacles, He is removing all the trash brought on our way by the storm, He is calming the storms.

Most important of all, God is our shelter, keeping us safe from lighting and protecting us from being struck, He makes sure that even if our feet get wet our heads are covered. He enables us to remain at peace even when everything else is raging. God sustains us. He is the solid Rock on which we stand, He is our covering. God protects us from being swept away. He protects us from blowing winds. God’s strength is manifest in our weakness. God gives us peace that surpasses our human understanding.

A storm can be anything and strikes whether we are prepared or not. There can be signs of an approaching storm and it strikes at any moment, sometimes leaving us in confusion. Whether it is a disease or illness, a death in the family, stillbirth or miscarriage, financial crisis, an accident of any kind, a rebellious child, a divorce or relationship breakdown, loss of a job, a family member addicted to drugs or alcohol, sexual violence, natural disasters, attacks by terrorists and criminals, going through rejection of any kind, things not working out as we expected, people turning against us, false accusations; storms come in many shapes and forms. Most of the time we do not know what to do. It seems easy to panic and act in fear.

Storms throw us off course, we are thrown in a foreign land, in a place where we do not know where to start from. We reach our end.

The amazing thing that happens is, when we reach our end, there we find God. We come to understand we never have to go through anything in this life alone, we have an all-powerful, ever-present God. We have a God who is always willing to help us when we call upon His name. God is willing and always ready to shelter us during storms. He helps us even when we are busy trying to do everything using our own strength, He never runs out of patience.

God knows everything, He knows what has happened, He knows what is happening and He knows what will happen. Nothing is hidden from Him. He has promised no temptation will come into our lives beyond our ability to bear and when the storms do hit, He will provide a way out. We stand on the promises of God.

The Bible is full of promises that are available to God’s children to claim. We are told we have not because we ask not. God is our Father and He loves us with an everlasting love. He does what He says and He never goes back on His Word. Knowing that then, we can stand on God’s Word and know with certainty that what He says will come to pass.

We take the Word of God as it is and we apply it in our lives. We speak to the mountains and the mountains obey, we speak with the authority we have in Jesus’ name. The Bible says that if we have faith even as small as a mustard seed, we will tell the mountain to move and it will move. We will tell diseases and illnesses to move out of our bodies and they will move out and die, we will speak to our finances and they will align, we will speak the Word and things will happen; storms will cease, storms will calm down.

God is our refuge and strength, He is the One we run to when everything seems to be going wrong, He is our shield and first line of defense.

God makes a way where there was no way, He straightens mountains, He stops raging storms, He hides us under His wings where the enemy cannot snatch us. With God, we have everything we need, with God we can rest assured of safety, with God we have a shelter of protection. When everything and everyone is unreliable, we can trust in God, we can hold on to His promises because we know He is a promise-keeper. Those who trust in the Lord will gain new strength, they will mount on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint.

The Lord is our fortress, our rock, our deliverer; He is the Rock in whom we take refuge.

For you have been a defense for the helpless, a defense for the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, a shade from the heat; for the breath of the ruthless is like a rainstorm against a wall. Isaiah 25:4.

Psalm says in the fear of the Lord is a strong confidence, and His children will have refuge.  In God, we have everything we need. God’s name alone is power, there is power in the name of Jesus. There is nothing to be afraid of; we know whose we are and who we run to. We are children of the Most High; the King of kings and Lord of lords. In God, we are covered.

“The eternal God is a dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms; and He drove out the enemy before you, and said ‘Destroy!'” Deuteronomy 33:27.


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God is our shelter in the storms
God’s shelter

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