Let go and let God take over

Let Go And Let God Take Over


In life we have to reach a point where we take our hearts’ desires to God and then simply rest in Him; we let go and let God take over. We pray and seek God’s will for our lives and then simply let go. Letting go is not giving up, it is allowing God to take over. We have many desires in our hearts, we have set timelines for certain things; we want to achieve this and that within a certain period, we want certain friendships to work, we want certain relationships to work, we want to settle down within a certain period, we want our marriages restored, we want to have children by a certain age, we want our children to know God; and many other desires. In the heart of humans are many plans.

We make our own timelines and then when things do not go as we planned, we go into despair, sometimes into desperation, we start seeking opinions from other people, we start trying to make things work by our own strength. We start taking over and putting God on the side. In our hearts we deceive ourselves. We say this thing has delayed too much so let us take the matter into our own hands. So we start seeking out things by ourselves, we start relying on people instead of God, we think people will save us from our circumstances.

We forget that a desperate heart is easy to deceive; a heart that is away from God cannot hear His voice.

In an effort to meet our timelines we end up experiencing a lot of hurts. We end up meeting people who recognize our need to have a certain thing and they take advantage, such people turn us into their puppets. In an effort to achieve what we consider important, we allow abuse, mistreatment, and misuse from other people, other people easily take advantage, we fall prey to bad-willed people.

With time we realize most people are only advancing their interests. It is hard to meet someone who loves just to love. Most people will be there to get something or to achieve their own selfish interests. Most people will be there with you because they notice a weakness in you that they can easily take advantage of. They will appear good for a season until they achieve what they want or until their tricks are uncovered. Then they will walk away calling you idiot, stupid, telling you that you are nothing and all other sorts of names and demeaning language. People will put on masks for a season to achieve something, they will put on masks to deceive you.

The moment we trust in people we fall off God’s protection. Trusting people is idolatry and it makes us walk under a curse.

This is what the Lord says, ‘Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans, who rely on human strength and turn their hearts away from the Lord’. Jeremiah 17:5.

Human beings are flesh. They are here today and gone tomorrow. People will disappoint us, they will turn against us, they will take advantage. People change. Most people walk by carnal nature and do not know how to love; their love is conditional, it is based on what they can get in return. They will drive you to compromise in order to achieve what they want. They will tell you if you want this then you have to give that. They will tell you that you have to say this in order to get that. It is a cycle of deceit and manipulation.

Anything acquired through such means does not bring peace. Anyone who tells you to compromise on the Word of God does not love you. Anything that requires conforming to the patterns of the world is not from God and it is not worth it. We should never trade our souls with passing things of this world.

And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your soul? Mark 8:36.

With time, we come to realize that God’s ways are not our ways and His timing is not our timing. When we want things now and now, we will end up falling off God’s plan. Anything we do outside His plan for our lives is not worth it, we might end up regretting it, we might end up with worldly sorrow. God’s Word is there for our protection and to guide us in this journey of life. If God tells us to wait, it is for a reason, if He says no He has a reason. If the Bible warns us not to do something, not to get involved with certain people, not to say something, it is for our protection. The Holy Spirit within us convicts us and bears witness with our spirit. The Holy Spirit reveals to us the secrets of the Kingdom of God.

A life of prayer and fasting, earnestly seeking God, walking in the Spirit and not in carnal nature protects us from attacks of the evil one. The enemy introduces counterfeits into our lives that can easily deceive us if we are not in the Spirit. The enemy is cunning, crafty, manipulative and a great liar, he is smooth with his deception, he looks for an open door and when he enters he becomes an accuser. The enemy only comes to steal, kill and destroy.

The thief comes only to steal, and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10.

Let us be sober! Let us be on the watch! We should learn by the power of the Holy Spirit, to present our requests to God with thanksgiving in our hearts and then stay still. Be still! Wait for God to work. Wait for God to lead you. Wait for God to present the answer to your problems; He does and He will. Most times out of impatience we try to have it our way, we try to push for things to work out the way we want. In doing so, we become targets of the enemy. Let us learn to remain under the protection of God’s shelter. God knows best. God’s Word is true. He wills us good.

Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Psalms 91:1.

God has good plans for us and in His timing, everything works out for good and everything turns out much better than what we had thought of and planned. Let us rest on the promises of God.


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Let go and let God take over
Surrender to God

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