Waiting for God

Waiting For God

Waiting for God is difficult, it requires a lot of inner strength. It is difficult to wait for the physical manifestation of our desires into our lives. It is difficult knowing that we want something, but that something is yet to come, and because of that, we have to wait. It is even harder to

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Prepare for eternity

Prepare For Eternity

Life is short. The time to prepare for eternity is now. Tomorrow is not promised. We do not know what will happen between now and the next minute. Life can change in an instant. What we consider normal now in our lives can change at any moment. Every day we hear of disasters striking, we

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Do not be simple-minded

Simple-minded (Renew Your Mind And Overcome Simple-mindedness)

A simple mind is a gullible mind. People who are simple-minded are easily deceived, manipulated, and taken advantage of. When we are simple-minded, we tend to believe everything people tell us; this shows that we are not discerning. It is very risky to be simple-minded because not only does one make many mistakes while on

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