God's thoughts are not our thoughts

God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, nor are our ways His ways


God works in ways that are usually beyond human comprehension. He turns things meant for bad and makes them work out for good for His honor and glory. In our thinking, we tend to limit God. We make our plans and then expect God to approve of them.

We do what we want to do and say what we want to say. We push forward for things that we tend to think are good for us. We expect God to approve something He was never part of from the beginning. We work in the opposite direction. Then when things go wrong, we start blaming God and asking Him where He was. We push for relationships that are not good for us, we stay in jobs that are not good for our growth. We tell ourselves we must have that house, that car, that spouse. We make many plans in our hearts for ourselves.

In the process, we end up compromising. We meet people who take advantage when they realize how much we want a certain thing. We become subjects of abuse and of other people to talk about. In our small limited thinking, we think we have to help God out, or we tell ourselves that God has delayed so we have to take the steps for ourselves. As we do that, we move further and further away from God. We forget that God requires obedience more than anything else.

God wants us to obey His Word. Anytime we go off His Word, we go off His protection and the enemy gets a chance to attack us. We start believing everything other people tell us, they start giving us formulas for success and formulas for getting what we want.

The Bible tells us that the plans of the heart belong to man. All the ways of man are clean in his own sight, but the Lord weighs the motives. We make our plans and think they are the best for us. Our hearts are deceptive and will lead us to destruction.

Anytime we make plans without involving God, we set ourselves up for failure, hurt, and disappointment. The only way to make sure our plans are established is by committing our ways to the Lord.

God’s Word is true, and it is our guide. Anything that contradicts His Word and character is not from Him.

God works in ways we would never have thought of. He turns circumstances to work in our favor and His glory when we put our trust in Him. We never have to compromise to achieve anything in life. If something requires compromise, if someone is telling us to do or say things that are not right, then that is not from God, and it is not worth it. Such people who tell us to do something in order to get something are manipulative and users. They are there to get something out of us and when done, they move forward without a second thought. Later they will lie to your face and to others that they have never seen you or talked to you.

Anything outside of God’s will is never worth it, it never brings peace, and it is never sustainable; the end is usually destruction.

God says that His thoughts are not our thoughts, nor are our ways His ways. God sees the big picture. At times He tells us no because what we are asking for is not good for us and He has better things lined up. Other times we have to wait as He fights for us.

God is so good, the smallest of things can change our lives completely for good. We do not have to fight battles on our own. When God does it, it is so much easier. We only have to follow His direction. Yet, He never forces Himself on us. He allows us to make the decisions, and then, when we invite Him in, amazing things start happening.

God's thoughts are not our thoughts
Let God lead you

Our minds are very limiting and that is why we make the decisions that we make. We think we know better. If only we let go and let God! Learning to listen to God’s voice is one of the best things that we can do. We go to God first. God does indeed speak. We just have to learn to listen. Many times we run to people to help us and in that process we end up getting lost.

People do not have the answers, only God does.

People will tell you to do weird things. Everyone has their own definition of things and their own opinions. Yet, only God’s Word is true.

Trusting in man is idolatry. To be able to fully trust in God only, we have to go through a process, usually, a painful process. Everything we ever thought to be true is stripped off, we are broken, what we once trusted in is taken away; the only one left is God. When we reach that point God takes over, He takes our broken hearts and makes them new, He renews our minds into Kingdom kind of thinking. We learn the truth of God’s Word. The Holy Spirit indwells us, the flesh dies.

In our proud nature, we cannot serve God; we can never serve two masters. Pride is a master with self on the throne. A proud look is detestable to God. The Bible says that the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit and a broken and contrite heart; these, God will not despise.

When we reach a point of brokenness, we learn that without God we are not, without God everything is vanity, like chasing of the wind. God is the One who makes life have meaning.

A life without God loses meaning. What does it really benefit a man to gain the whole world and yet lose his soul?

Anything outside of God’s will is meaningless. That is why we are to commit our plans to God. He is the One who sustains us. Things may not work out the way we would have wanted but anything involving God eventually works out for good to those who love Him. We cannot ask for bread and God gives us a stone, no, never; that is not how God works.

God loves us and when He says no, wait, or yes, it is for our good. It involves a lot of faith; believing that what God promises will indeed come to pass. That is why without faith it is impossible to please God. We take the Word of God as it is and act on it. It is that simple. God’s Word has life.


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