God's way, the only way to eternal life

God’s way is the only way to eternal life


The Bible tells us that many are the plans in a man’s heart, but the Lord’s purpose prevails. We plan many things, we want our life to go in a certain direction. In an effort to see our plans come to pass, many people end up compromising.

We go outside of God’s will. We leave God’s protection and go seek from the world what it can never offer us. We do things that do not line up with Scripture. We build up our treasures here on earth. We concentrate on things that have no eternal significance. We do what the Bible tells us we should not do.

God is just. We will be judged by our own actions, words and motives. God looks at the heart, at the motive behind every action and word. Most of the time we are hypocritical, we do or say one thing yet our hearts do not align with our words and actions. We deceive ourselves.

God cannot be mocked, we reap what we sow. God knows our hearts, He knows every thought we think.

The Bible instructs us that we are to destroy every proud obstacle that keeps people from knowing God, and capture rebellious thoughts and teach them to obey Christ. We are not automatic machines. We are not supposed to go along with every thought that comes up in our minds. Our mind is a battleground. Is the thought from God or from the enemy? We test every thought using the Word of God.

Choose God's way
Jesus is the way

God usually speaks through His Word. His Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God. We do not have to fight in our minds to realize God’s will, we should not allow every thought to take root in our heart. God gives us peace when something is right and good for us. We only have to submit our will to His will. We do not have to rationalize everything. If it is not peaceful we let it be. That’s different from fear or giving up.

Anything that contradicts God’s Word and God’s character is not from God.

God has provided us with the blueprint on how to live our life here on earth. He knew that there would be many distractions. Therefore, He gave us a life manual in form of the Bible. Christ then left us with the Holy Spirit, our Teacher of Truth. Everything is for our benefit and for God’s glory. When we realize that everything God tells us is for our benefit, then everything in our life changes.

We feed our minds with the Word of God. Our minds are renewed. We adapt to a new way of thinking and as a result, our actions and words align with the new way of thinking. We know out of the abundance of the heart a mouth speaks. We begin to see things and people as God sees them.

We obey God’s Law, and eventually, we reap the benefits here on earth and in the end gain eternal life.

After we have wandered on earth trying to find our own way, eventually we come to know the truth. God’s way is the only way to life. He never forces Himself on us, He wants us to go to Him out of our own free will. Anything forced is not sustainable. When we eventually surrender ourselves to God, He leads us into the way of Truth and Life. God sustains us.


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