Worship in spirit and truth

God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth


Our lives are worship. Worship does not involve going to church on Sunday then the rest of the days spent doing anything a person wants. Anything and everything we do or say is a testimony. Our interactions are a way of worship, they reveal what is in our hearts. What we say or do speaks a lot about our relationship with God.

Worship is a lifestyle, not a ritual. Worship comes from within not from external appearances. Human beings are deceptive and if we look at external things and religious practices we will be greatly deceived. To some those religious practices are just a fulfillment of a duty, to some it is just a way of earning income, to others it is a way of elevating their lifestyle and their standing before men.

True worship involves a personal relationship with God, whereby we know God as a Father, we have Jesus as our Lord and Savior and we have the power of the Holy Spirit within us. True worship is a spiritual experience; a person has to die completely to the flesh. The spirit and flesh are hostile to each other, one has to die; we are either led by Spirit or by the flesh.

Worship in spirit and truth
Live a life of worship

Jesus told the Samaritan woman that the time has come when true worshipers will worship God in Spirit and in truth. That is the kind of worship the Father desires. God desires a worship that comes from the heart, not just mere utterances of the mouth.

Anyone can say that they believe in God, anyone can go to church, anyone can stand up and sing, but only true worshipers reach the heart of the Father. True worshipers have a relationship that is personal with God; that cannot be faked. God knows those who are His. He does not see as man sees; He is not moved by appearances. He is pleased with those whose hearts are after Him.

Our bodies are a living sacrifice, which we are to offer as a holy and living sacrifice to God. We are to obey God’s Word, do what He says we should do and stay away from what He says we should not do. God is worthy to receive all the glory and honor and power, for He created all things, and by His will we were created and have our being. Man was created to worship God.

In every one of us is a God-sized hole that can only be filled by Him. Yet, too many times we run to worldly things looking for something that will fill us. We make other people our idols and start trusting them instead of trusting in God. People will never fill us; at best many will end up taking advantage of and using us. We are to trust God, not man. Cursed are those who trust in men and put their trust in the flesh.

We are told to seek first the kingdom of God and all other things will be added unto us. That is God’s principle. That is how God works. He wants us to surrender to Him freely and He promises all other things He will add. In the end, a life without God is vanity. It is God who brings meaning to life, anything outside God’s will is vanity, meaningless.

People will love us when we have something to offer but the moment we are down we will find ourselves alone. Man has a fallen nature; we should never put out trust in men. With time God brings people into our lives who desire the best for us. We do not run after people, we run after God.

True worship is a heart after God. It is not about appearances, it is all about God. Our life on earth is to be lived for God’s glory. Anything else is chasing after the wind.


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