Deception in the world today

Deception In The World


Deception equals lies presented as though they were the truth. It is lying that is so close to the truth to the extent that it appears like the truth. There are also outright lies presented with a ‘mask-fitted face’ using the lying language. Satan is known as the father of lies. Lying is his native language. Everything he says is meant to deceive; he may package a lie as if it was true; he may manipulate truths to achieve his agendas.

Deception is everywhere in the world today. Many people lie with a straight face, many say and do things and later deny they ever did or said such things, many speak something but later say they meant something else. There are those who manipulate the systems to meet their selfish interests, there are those who use others who are unsuspecting. There are those who will lure you to do or say something but when found out they deny and run away never to be seen again. There are those who present themselves in a certain way so that they can gain trust and entry into someone’s life for their selfish perverted gains.

Wolves in sheep clothing are everywhere.

Deception can be through words or actions done, it can be through how a person presents themselves, it can be through using other people, it can be through manipulation, mind games, or reverse psychology. Such people appear friendly initially; they put on a mask.

Deceptive people cannot face themselves. They usually run or turn abusive when the truth is exposed. They usually turn everything on others. They usually do not take responsibility for their actions. They usually target those people who appear weak, vulnerable, and naive, though anyone can become their target. They are masters in manipulation.

Deception steals from other people. It is a way of achieving one’s selfish interests at the expense of the other person.

Lies hurt. Lies destroy lives. Lies break families. Lies destroy friendships. Lies lead to hell. 

The Bible says that the Lord detests lying lips but He delights in people who are trustworthy. The first form of deception we see is in the garden of Eden. God told Adam and Eve that the day they eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, they shall surely die. However, the cunning serpent tricked Eve and told her that that was not exactly what God meant. The serpent twisted the words God had said and tricked Eve and subsequently Adam into eating the forbidden fruit. The consequences of that action have followed man in every generation.

Lying is sin, and we know the wages of sin is death. Lies bring shame. Ananias and Sapphira also lied.  They sold their land but brought forth only part of the money. They then claimed that what they brought forth was the whole amount. In doing so, they lied to the Holy Spirit and both dropped dead.

Liars are hypocritical. They do and say what they don’t mean, their hearts are somewhere else, their conscience have been seared with a hot iron. Lies come from the father of lies the devil. The Bible tells us we should not let any unwholesome talk out of our mouth, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs. Lies are usually meant to influence another person into doing or saying something they would not if they were actually presented with the truth. It is meant to entice and lure another person. Lies are for selfish gains. God detests a lying tongue.

That is why it is so important to know the truth for ourselves. When we know what the truth is, then we can measure every word and action using the scale of truth. The Word of God is Truth. That is our standard. Anything that contradicts the Word is from the evil one.


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Deception in the world today
Do not be deceived

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